about Michelle

Over 10 years ago, I began my first job as a floral assistant in a family owned flower shop.  Working with, caring for, and loving through flowers has been a passion of mine ever since.  I started this business with the vision of using my time and talents in a meaningful way to create beauty and inspire joy for others.  I look forward to being inspired by you!


I offer fully customized floral design services for weddings, events, and creative shoots. My design approach is to seek out the freshest, most beautiful blooms and style them in a way that allows their natural beauty to shine.

By taking the time to understand my clients' preferences, stories, and inspirations I am able to refine the vision for their event as well as provide a supportive and genuine experience.


I book a limited number of events each year which allows me to focus my time on delivering not only beautiful designs, but also a personal experience for each of my clients.  


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